Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We All Scream . . .

Monday I traveled to Brenham, TX with Louise and Ethan and Oran and Zara to visit and tour Blue Bell Creamery. I saw ice cream exiting long frosty pipes into the half gallon containers that Louise always asks her mommy to purchase at the local Randall's grocery store. They were making 53 half gallons a minute just at this location. The tour guide asked us not to take pictures inside the facility, so we took photos outside the parlor where we had our free samples!!! Yum yum.

Surprisingly, there were no plum flavors among the 20 or so samples offered. I put a note in their suggestion box and said I'd try some once they got a purple flavor option out there - boysenberry, dark raspberry, there are many ways to work in violet selections. In the meantime I enjoyed watching the creamy samples drip from the spoons of my young friends who sampled strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and mint chip.

I sat on the original delivery refrigerator truck - the one that they showed us on an introductory video and that has been around for a hundred years. Some of the paparazzi snapped my photo.<

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today was Big Apple Day. What a worldwind. I used many modes of transportation. Makes my head spin.

Here I am on my way to NYC on NJ Transit, where taking of photos is prohibited. OMG, what if I get arrested? I promise I didn't know that till after the photo was snapped.

Here I am buying a ticket from Kingsley for the NYC bus tour, double decker. I hope my ribbon doesn't blow off.

This is me with the Empire State Building; more of that later.

Here I am almost on the Staten Island Ferry. Did you know you can ride it free?

And now, to the top of the Empire State Building.

Next Dinner in the city. Very exciting. I didn't drink because I am too young, but being Italian, I look really nice next to a wine glass. But look who I had dinner with! It's my first cousin Stephen, Mrs. Brown's nephew. And he is also Italian like me....well, 50% Italian. Anyway we let him order. Pasta, Pizza, Tiramisu....yummmm!!!

Finally, one more mode of transport, the PATH to Hoboken. It's really a subway under the river to New Jersey, but it is operated by the Port Authority of the Hudson River. Thus the name. When we got to Hoboken, we took a walk to look at NYC across the Hudson and missed the train to our house, so Martha drove us home. What a day! Tired, tired, Rosabella. Just put me in a suitcase and let me go to sleep! When I wake up, I'll be back in Houston. What a whirled!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Spiders and Kindergarten

Can you see the spiders we made for Halloween decorations? It would be mighty scary if I hadn't seen them being made out of pipe cleaners, because I think they look REAL.

This morning Nathan took me to Kindergarten in New Jersey, where I met his teacher. I just LOVE school.

Jersey Girl Birthday Bash

Two parties in a row, wow! This one was really something. The guys, that's Matthew and Nathan, played Crime Scene investigation, and their mom was convicted of impersonating a man. Guilty!

After dinner, there was a great big cupcake tower. Pretty impressive.

Then the party really got started. The ladies all wore Hannah Montana hair. I tried it on too, because after all it is purplish.

We all played super scrabble. It took ALL night. Matthew got to use the word Craisins because he is 8, but I am not so sure it is in the dictionary. What do you think, classmates?

I stayed up really really late, because how often do you get to rock the night away in New Jersey? It was crazy. Here's a few more party party photos!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where's Rosabella?

Can you find me in this pile of animals?

And which one is not really an animal? If you find him, that's Nathan.

I'm in New Jersey, and Nathan has been letting me sleep in his bed, when I am not in a backpack or purse. Anything is more comfortable than the postal envelope I rode from Johnson City to Houston!

So, while I am here, Nathan's G'ma is celebrating her birthday. There will be more about that soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Magenta Birthday Bash

Wow! Some Party! We had chicken nuggets, then we had cake (which had pink roses, my favorite), and ice cream, and then we played a game called pass the package!

I brought all my purple things to play with, and everyone made a shades of purple bracelet. Pretty soon, Louise, that's the birthday girl, was telling everyone it was my birthday party! We played in her room by special invitation, where everyone put on purple feathers and had a real plum of a time. I am whooped up and sugar overloaded. That's why I need to wear the funny glasses upside down.

Here's some more shots from the party.

I am starting to have jet lag; one day Johnson City, next Houston and all this cake, and then....tomorrow I am going to New Jersey.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Houston, I have landed

Here I am on Miss Margaret's front porch, with Trevor who brought me from Johnson City. I am going to miss Stephen! I only spent one day in the express mail envelope, which is a good thing! It was dark in there.

Now I don't know what to do. If I leave tonight I can go with Mr. Steve to Yellowstone. But if I stay, I can go to Louise's birthday bash tomorrow and to New Jersey on Friday, where Nathan might take me to 1st grade, or Matthew to 3rd grade.

What shall I do? Let me hear from you, class!